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Things to Do On a Bad Day

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

You’re having a bad day and you’re tapping away at the keyboard in a bid to find something to do to turn it around. You’ve come to the right place!We all have bad days every now and then, but the trick is to not let a bad day turn into a bad week that turns into a bad month. Taking steps to self-soothe and course correct is always going to be a good idea. The problem is that with so many different elements vying for our attention, it can be hardto unplug and reset the old batteries.

In this article, we’ll be diving into–you guessed–things that you can do on a bad day to chase the blues away.

Call Someone Special

Speaking to someone that you love has the power to shift the energy of your entire day, especially ifthey’re someone whose advice you usually take on board. Even if you’re not in the market for somesage advice, having someone listen to what’s bothering is incredibly cathartic. You’ll be able to releasemost of the immediate tension of the situation and listen to yourself relaying the events in real-time.This, in turn, will give you insight into why the situation is bothering you somuch.If you’re not one for phone calls, a good “text sesh” with a loved one will work just as well. Sometimes,this will actually work more to your advantage than a phone call would because texting allows you toslow down and actually think about what it is that you want to convey. Whatever your preferenceforcommunicating, get in touch with someone special when you’re feeling down.

Eat Your Favorite Meal

Our favorite foods are our favoritesfor a reason and there’s an even better reason why people oftenrefer to them as soul food. Good food has the ability to soothe the worst of days away. Just make surethat you aren’t settling into a bad habit or using food as a vice on a regular basis. That being said,enjoying a treat onanintensely dismal or bleak day isn’t all that bad.Go for the healthier version of your favorite food by making it yourself. Getting into the kitchen andbanging a few pots and pans around might just be the mental release that you need. Moreimportantly, you’ll be able to control precisely how much sodium and sugar you’re putting into yourfood. Even on our worst days, taking care of our health should still take precedence over everythingelse. Health is wealth, after all.

Immerse Yourself in Positive Media

Again, doing things in moderation is perfectly fine. While I usually vote against wasting a day away infront of the TV, immersing yourself in your favoriteshow might be what you need in the moment totake the edge off. Plus, it sure beats beating the person that caused your problems. Kidding aside, trynot to let your bad day turn into a bad week by staying up toolate and messing with your sleep cycle.Other than that, enjoying a good movie or show might work in your favor.If screen time isn’t for you, listening to music could be the next best thing–or better! Put on some ofyour favorite songs. Pick old tracks that bring back good memories and bust outa few dance moveswhile you’re at it. Music has a meditative quality to it anddancing can help you burn off any excessnegative energy in your body. When in doubt, dance it out!

Go For a Walk

Getting outdoors and into nature is the best non-chemical medicine that there is. Grounding yourselfin nature can have a profound effect on your mood.The radiant colors of the greenery and scenerywill have you wide-eyed and revitalized, the fresh air will have you breathing deeper, and the soundsaround you will make you more aware of your surroundings in the present moment. One word springsto mind after reading over all of those benefits: Mindfulness!Not only does being in nature have the power to shake up a bad day and make you feel brand new,butit also has several health benefits. These include a strengthened immune system, reduced bloodpressure levels, reduced anxiety, reduced nervous system reactions, and evenanincreased sense ofself-worth. If you live in a busy city and the nearest park is miles away, you can replicate the effect ofnature by watching soothing natural scenery on YouTube. Add to this by getting a good quality UVlight that is safe for home use and pairing this combination with vibrant natural sounds.


Meditating is one of the fastest ways toshort-circuitany negative energy in your body and bring youback to a more mindful and positive state.If you would like to try your hand at mindfulness meditation,you can trythis quick and simple meditation routine that you might have come across in another ofmy recent posts:1.Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down.2.Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.3.Focus on the sound of your breath and the movement of yourchest.4.Keep breathing deeply until your body begins to relax.5.As thoughts filter through your mind, don’t judge them or resist them. Allow them to movethrough your mind and continue focusing on your breath.6.You can use a mantra such as “Om” to help you focus if you cannot maintain your focus onyour breathing alone.7.Keep going for 10-20 minutes.8.Slowly open your eyes and take a moment before going about your day.If you find that sitting or lying down for this long is uncomfortable to you, shortenthe meditationperiod, but remember to focus on your breath or a mantra to get the most out of it.

If You Can, Travel!

This one is a little out there, but humor the idea for a minute. You don’t have to hop on a plane andheadto a different country. You don’t even have to cross state lines to get a mini-bump of thatwonderful pre-travel feeling. All you have to do is find somewhere in your town or city that you havenever been to before. Make an adventure out of it and, if youcan, bring a loved one along for the ride.Exploring new places will help you to live in the present moment when all your mind wants to do isremind you of why you’re having a bad day.If you can’t get to a never-before-seen location right now, head to an old favorite spot in yourneighborhood. Being in familiar and inviting territory might be completely opposite to traveling, butit will still provide you with a fun, mindful outing.With time, you’ll cultivate a few go-to activities that will pull youout of a bad day in nothing flat.Finding what works for you is incredibly important. The only recommendation that you should keepin mind is not to dabble in any activity that would risk your life, health, relationships, or career. Always remember, it’sa bad day, not a bad life.

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