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369 Manifestation Methods Book

369 Manifestation Methods Book

Learn how to manifest using the most poweful of the Manifestation Techniques.


Manifestation is the process of bringing real-world items into the realm of existence simply through your own beliefs with the aid of The Law of Attraction. The 369 Manifestation Method involves writing down what you would like to manifest, with significant emphasis being placed on the number of times you write this desire down, and the time which during you do so.


Numerology has long been a part of our lives. Everything runs on numbers - your computer, your phones, your apps, even us. There are no coincidences in this life. Everything is directly correlated to numerology and The Law of Attraction.


If numbers weren't important, we wouldn't need them to create engineering wonders. We wouldn't record our anniversaries, or acknowledge our birthdays. We wouldn't worry about money, because the number of notes we have in our hands - or figures in our bank accounts - would be irrelevant.


Numbers irrevocably affect your life and the cosmos at large. They guide our behavior, help us calculate and plan, and can predict and array of outcomes, from relationships to future prosperity. It is time to manifest everything that you deserve. It's time to tap into The 369 Manifestation Method.


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